term & condition

  • I only accept Paypal (Keep in mind that my prices are in EUROS)

  • Paypal's taxes take a percentage of payments, so there will be an extra to pay

  • Please note that after an agreement is made, you can't change the subject of the commission

  • If you cancel the project mid-way, only half of the money will be refunded

  • (I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I am uncomfortable with the subject of the drawing or if it is too difficult for me to do so.)

  • I DRAW: Pokesonas, Pokemons, Digimon, Furry, anthros, animals,

  • fantasy creatures.

  • I DON'T DRAW: excessive fetishes, gore, full human oc.

how to commission?

  • Send me your reference via Twitter or email and specify what kind of commission you would like (pictures or art examples would be helpful when you ask me a commission)

  • After agreement, I will request full payment via Paypal, I will start work once payment is made.

  • You can request a maximum of 2 major revisions in the first phases, after which you can only request minor revisions.

  • I don't make fixes on finished pieces,and the big changes after the sketch will be asked for an extra payment.

  • Once the work is finished, I will send you the high resolution image as a PNG by email, twitter or discord.

( Mail: [email protected] )

commission type


Prices start at:
Headshot: 25€ / 27 usd
Bust: 35€ / 38 usd
Halfbody: 50€ / 54 usd
Fullbody: 70€ / 76 usd

^ To add grayscale, add 10€ more to the price above ^

No background
2000 x 2000 pixels
Additional details (fur, scales, horns, feathers, hat, clothes...) +start from 5€ / 5 usd based on complexity


Price start at:
30€ / 32 usd each
75€ / 81 usd for 3

500x500 pixels
Additional details (accessory, hat, complex haircut,...) + 5€ / 5 usd

Soft colours

Prices start at:
Headshot: 50€ / 54 usd
Bust: 65€ / 70 usd
Halfbody: 80€ / 87 usd
Fullbody: 95€ / 103 usd

Single-colour background
2000 x 2000 pixels for headshot
2000 x 3000 pixels for others
Additional details (fur, scales, horns, feathers, clothes...) +start from 5€ / 5 usd based on complexity

Brushstrokes Portrait

Prices start at 85€ / 92 usd

Headshot / Bust only
Single-colour background
Additional details (fur, scales, horns, feathers...) +start from 5€ / 5 usd based on complexity
(the rendering is less smooth, the brushstrokes are visible everywhere)

Avatar / Icon, Full Render

Prices start at 100€ / 108 usd

^ Free simple background ^
5000 x 5000 pixels
Additional details (fur, scales, horns, feathers, clothes...) +start from 10€ based on complexity

Full render illustration

Price start at 300€ / 325 usd

depending on compexity, if there is a background or not.
Don't hesitate to contact me directly for any request of this kind of commission so that I can calculate the exact price for your idea ;)

Ref sheet (2 slots / month)

Prices start at:
Simple refsheet: 200€ / 216 usd
(flat/soft colours... 1 front view + 2 headshots)
Detailed ref sheet: 300€ / 324 usd
(more light and shadow, less visible lines, more details... + back view)

+ 50€ if the character is created
+ 10€ for additional details, based on complexity
+ 20€ for each additional headshot